Découvrir Meursault, Beaune, La Côte d'Or... La Bourgogne!


A bit of sport

Sneakers, tennis racket, putter, chrono, headphones ... your equipment will not stay in the suitcase!

Côte-d'Or Tourisme © F. BONNARD.JPG

From Climats to Tastevin

Visit of cellars, tastings, discovery of the vineyard, cooking class ...


Grands Crus et Patrimoine

Great wines make the reputation of our region, but it is also rich in history ...

œufs en meurette

Les (très!) bonnes tables

You are at the right place to test your knowledge of "Food - Wine" pairings!


After effort...

Going out, bubbling in a Spa, reading a book ...

Take care of yourself ...

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